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A Few Effective Maintenance Solutions

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A Few Effective Maintenance Solutions

Effective Maintenance Solutions | Garage Door Repair Scarsdale, NY

Learning how to take care of your automatic garage door and its different components can greatly improve the performance of your system and increase its lifespan as well. We have some useful tips you can use to treat some common minor issues and, subsequently, optimize the components involved.

Noisy Door Movement

This type of issue commonly results from a few different components. Squeaky hinges are often the main culprits, but your springs and rollers are also known to cause a rattle or two. Rust is often the cause of such noises, and you should lubricate the aforementioned parts on a regular basis to prevent it from developing. It will keep things smooth and quiet as well.

More Usual Suspects

The tracks your garage door relies upon to guide its movement need to be checked on a fairly regular basis. Any bends or dents to their sides can prevent the rollers from moving, and may even - in extreme conditions - cause the door to get stuck. You should also make sure they are clean and aren't blocked with small debris. There's no need to lubricate them, though. In fact, doing so can actually have the adverse effect, and may cause them to become sticky and accumulate more dirt.

A Photo-Electric Eye Exam

Your opener relies on a pair of sensors to prevent it from closing the door while there's a person or an object in its path. These components should be checked and tested on occasion to make sure your automatic system is safe to use. Place an obstacle under the open door and then order it to close. If your door won't respond or starts to comply but then reverses, then you're all good. However, if it hits the object, the position of these "eyes" needs to be adjusted. Safety sensor realignment is a delicate process that requires an expert's careful touch.

Seek a Professional

Really, the best tip we can offer you is to always get a professional to deal with any complex problem that's affecting your door. It's far too risky to try and handle things by yourself. Too much tension and heavy weight are involved to make it worth it. Simply give our team at Garage Door Repair Scarsdale a call and we'll take it from there.


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